SFVSSan Francisco Vegetarian Society
SFVSSan Francisco Veterinary Specialists (San Francisco, CA)
SFVSSchool Fruit and Vegetable Scheme (UK)
SFVSState Food and Veterinary Services (Lithuania)
SFVSSan Fernando Valley State College (Northridge, CA; now California State University, Northridge)
SFVSSanta Fe Vipassana Sangha (Santa Fe, NM)
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To ensure a smooth and safe SFVS information systems, compliance with the users~ needs and legislation, as well as to ensure adequate information systems SFVS validation document preparation and updating a continuous SFVS information systems and the development of the implementation of changes depending on changes in legislation, it is also necessary to carry out the supervision of servers, the IT safety of implemented changes SFVS inform users of information systems and to teach them.
But officials learned that the maturation of the agaves plants would take eight to 12 years and concluded Newhall Land ``is using the idea of an agave farm as a ruse to justify the systematic destruction of habitat that is consistent with the SFVS (San Fernando Valley Spineflower) habitat requirements,'' according to the documents.
Steven Zimmer, vice president of the Newhall Ranch division, told state officials ``there was probably more habitat for the SFVS on Newhall Ranch, but they had not looked for the plant yet,'' the document said.