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Leaf greenness (chlorophyll content) as determined by SPAD value and anthocyanin content were significantly (P < 0.05) increased by the MSWC followed by the VC although values for the VC were not significantly (P > 0.05) different from those for the SFWC. Similar observation was made in previous onion bulb studies by Jin et al.
In conclusion, the findings demonstrated distinct variations in amino acid and mineral nutrient profiles of the SFWC, MSWC, and VC.
Treatment % DM (2) CP CF SPAD value SFWC (1) 10.7 (a) 6.04 (b) 2.11 (ab) 46.3 (b) VC 10.5 (a) 6.77 (ab) 2.15 (ab) 47.1 (ab) (3) MSWC 10.7 (a) 7.95 (a) 2.22 (a) 51.4 (a) Control 11.0 (a) 5.83 (c) 1.91 (b) 43.2 (b) P value ns 0.05 0.05 0.02 Treatment Anthocyanin Fv/Fm Fv/Fo SFWC (1) 6.8 (b) 0.791 (a) 3.805 (a) VC 7.0 (b) 0.768 (b) 3.241 (b) MSWC 8.6 (a) 0.783 (ab) 3.626 (a) Control 5.2 (c) 0.780 (ab) 3.566 (a) P value 0.01 0.03 0.01 (1) SFWC, seafood waste compost; VC, vermicompost; MSWC, municipal solid waste compost; (2) DM, dry matter content; CP, crude protein; CF, crude fat.
For the CFWC model, KO is negative and for SFWC model it is positive.
The turning geometry of the tractor-semitrailer with SFWC taking a turn is illustrated in Figure 4.
Hence the Kingpin offset of 32 inches has been chosen to analyze SFWC model; however this can be further increased by adding more rollers, which in turn reduces off-tracking values.
The maximum off-tracking values for the CFWC and SFWC models are found for different turning radii and are plotted as shown in Figure 6.
Figures 7a and 7b represent the trajectory of various points of interest on the tractor-semitrailer with CFWC and SFWC respectively, for a turning radius of 600 inches (slightly more than the minimum centerline turning radius of 492 inches [1]).
The comparison between CFWC and SFWC models in terms of maximum off-tracking and percentage decrease in maximum off-tracking at different turning radii are shown in Table 1.
An innovative and novel method, SFWC model is proposed to reduce off-tracking and is compared with the CFWC model by kinematic analysis.