SFWESan Francisco Wine Exchange (California)
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It has not yet been established whether factors relating to maternal, fetal sonographic, and neonatal characteristics are responsible for SFWE failure.
In the present study, primiparity and cephalic presentation of the fetus were independent risk factors for SFWE failure, with RRs of 1.6 and 2.8, respectively.
A NBW of <3,300 g was identified as an independent risk factor for SFWE failure.
In conclusion, although the present study has its strengths (the prospective study design and taking into consideration the technical characteristics) and limitations (single-center study on uncomplicated pregnant women), it revealed a significant association between SFWE and NBW.
These findings were also supported by (Naseem et al (2009) who stated SFWE promoted the number of spikelets per spike in wheat.
On the other hand two sprays of SWE + SFWE @ 6 + 6 L ha-1 applied at 30 and 60 DAS showed the maximum (51.70) grains per spike.
Maximum grain weight (43.67 g) compared to control was found in plots where two foliar applications of SWE + SFWE @ 6 + 6 L ha-1 at 30 and 60 DAS was applied, other treatments also showed increase in grain weight which might be a result of better weed control resulting better crop yield.
Data regarding aerial biological yield showed that all the treatments increased biological yield of wheat Sole application of SFWE @12 L ha-1 and BWE @12 L ha-1 improve biological yield by 9394 kg ha-1 and 9207kg ha-1 respectively.
Increase in grain yield was recorded in the plots where SWE + SFWE was applied at 30 and 60 DAS and in plots where SWE + SFWE + BWE was applied @ 4+4+4 L ha-1 at 30 and 60 DAS.
Results given in Table 3 showed all treatments have significant effects on straw yield compared to control but SFWE @ 12L ha-1 applied at 30 and 60 DAS produced maximum straw yield 6608 kg ha-1, while rest of the treatments produced similar yields.
On the other hand increase in harvest index was the highest 10 percent approximately in plots where SWE + SFWE @ 6 + 6 L ha-1 and SWE + SFWE + BWE @ 4 + 4 + 4 L ha applied at 30 and 60 DAS.
SWE + SFWE @6+6 Lha-1###30.00f###34.75f###40.75f###47.88e###4.74e###9.25e