SFWMDSouth Florida Water Management District
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agriculture and development interests) are seldom enforced by the SFWMD and are weakened by government officials (Knox, 2013).
40E-2 and 40E8; SFWMD, Applicant's Handbook for Water Use Permit Applications (effective Sept.
We look forward to contributing our expertise in design and construction management services for large-scale earthworks and conveyance projects to help SFWMD manage and protect this precious wetland system.
Our secondary objective is to demonstrate the potential appropriateness of the data (catch per unit effort, CPUE), as an index of shrimp abundance with which to evaluate the potential effect on pink shrimp of CERP (USACE and SFWMD (5)), a planned water management project that will affect freshwater flow to Biscayne Bay.
Can resource management agencies like the Corps and SFWMD,
Headquartered in West Palm Beach, the SFWMD spans almost 18,000 square miles across 16 counties, from Orlando in the north to Key West in the south, and from Fort Pierce on the Gulf Coast to Fort Myers on the Atlantic.
To minimize danger, SFWMD supplied floating boat barriers for each side of the inflow structure across the canal.
Counties were placed in one management district: NWFWMD, SJRWMD, SWFWMD, or SFWMD, depending on where they received their water based on Marella (1995).
SFWMD Executive Director Frank Finch says that the decision was a precautionary measure.
We get 55 inches of rain in an average year," says ecologist Nick Aumen, research director of SFWMD in West Palm Beach.
The SFWMD provided interested high school teachers (ten teachers from six high schools) GIS training.