SFWMDSouth Florida Water Management District
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While it is, of course, impossible to guard every "well" in Southern Florida, the SFWMD has been tightening its security program to ensure that all wells end well.
To minimize danger, SFWMD supplied floating boat barriers for each side of the inflow structure across the canal.
Counties were placed in one management district: NWFWMD, SJRWMD, SWFWMD, or SFWMD, depending on where they received their water based on Marella (1995).
SFWMD Executive Director Frank Finch says that the decision was a precautionary measure.
SFWMD plans to open three more artificial marshes this summer and is designing two more.
The path of least resistance would have been to appropriate budgeted funds; but SFWMD pursued more innovative financing for the construction and operation of the child care facility to serve its employees.
Through a controlled study, UgMO Technologies, a Pennsylvania based company, demonstrated to SFWMD that irrigation systems using UgMO saved more water than 2-day-per-week watering restrictions.
However, only the Web-based LOSAC enables the user base to expand exponentially without incurring additional costs to the SFWMD or to the taxpayers.
The SFWMD operates a water management project consisting of 1,400 miles of canals, 19 major pumping stations and hundreds of water control structures throughout central and southeastern Florida.
Under the amended terms, the SFWMD initially would acquire nearly 73,000 acres of the Company's land for approximately $536 million with a 10-year option to acquire the remaining 107,000 acres.
47) SFWMD uses for its design storm the 25-year, 72-hour storm and SJRWMD uses the mean annual storm and the 25-year, 24-hour storm.
This species has been selected as a natural resource of ecologic significance that should be encouraged to proliferate in the estuary (USACOE and SFWMD 2002).