SFYState Fiscal Year
SFYSwift Energy Company (stock symbol; Houston, TX)
SFYScience Foundation Year (UK)
SFYSussex Family YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association; Delaware)
SFYSucks For You
SFYSpringfield, MA Metropolitan (airport code)
SFYSolutions for You, Inc. (Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada; est. 1998)
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How can human services agencies better collaborate with police and agencies like PAL and SFY? Bearing in mind that both the traditional and community policing models are not monolithic, and a one-size-fits-all approach is assuredly not the answer, here are some suggestions:
Significant positive relationships were observed between SFD and SFS, FFD and FFS, SFE and SFS, SFY and RFY, RFE and RFS, and RFS and FFBL values.
Over the same time period, total New York Medicaid spending increased $9.4 billion, or 21% (4.7%, adjusted for inflation), to $54.9 billion in SFY 2013-14.
Table 1 State Fiscal Year (SFY) Client intakes 2005 (a) 23 2006 195 2007 240 2008 276 2009 325 Total 1059 (a) Represents intake beginning in January 2005 through June 30, 2005 Direct Legal Services
Swift Energy Company (NYSE: SFY), a United States-based company engaged in developing, exploring, acquiring and operating oil and gas properties, has increased the size of its earlier announced public offering of shares of its common stock.
Tickers featured: APA, APC, BHI, CHK, EOG, EQT, HK, MUR, PXD, ROSE, SFY, STR, XCO, XOM, XTO.
Diagnoses recorded during State fiscal year (SFY) 2005 (July 2004-June 2005) were used to predict cost in SFY 2006 (July 2005-June 2006).
Biennial report: SFY 2002-2003 (Division of Mental Health).
A total of about 30,000 children per month on average received child care subsidies in Minnesota during state fiscal year (SFY) 2006.
The effectiveness of BBRs, and the important role of budget stabilisation funds, is illustrated by the actions taken by states during their recent fiscal crisis that started in state fiscal year (SFY) 2002.