SGAESecrétariat Général des Affaires Européennes (French: Secretariat General for European Affairs)
SGAESociedad General de Autores y Editores Española (Spanish General Association for Authors and Publishers)
SGAESociedad General Autenticos Extorsionadores (Spanish: General Society Authentic Extortionists)
SGAESomos Grandes Amasadores de Euros
SGAESiempre Ganamos Algunos Euros (Spanish: Always Win Some Euros)
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k [greater than or equal to] 5; the SGAE must last at least five years.
The centers will have space for dance, music, audio/visual work, and theater, as well as recording studios, classrooms, and SGAE offices.
Mario Rigote, SDAE's marketing director, says the initiative aims "to generate SGAE members' authors rights and to promote quality Latin music.
6 The 1987 accounting rule changes allowed firms not to disclose unimportant items, which was defined to be less than 5 percent of the SGAE.
SGAE has already completed several highly visible projects in its new studios with leading industry luminaries.
Clients include BBC, EMI, SGAE, Real Networks, Gracenote, Yahoo
During 100 years of existence SGAE has educated the users of its repertory as to the importance and value of the authors intellectual property.
Imitate, So That Something Remains) was commissioned by the Orquesta Sinf6nica de Madrid (Orquesta Arb6s) on the nintieth anniversary of its founding and in collaboration with the SGAE.
In 1998 she received a cultural Medal of Honor from SGAE, the Spanish performing rights organization.
The LARAS Person of the Year Tribute/Latin GRAMMY Nominee Celebration is sponsored by: HBO Latino, Heineken, Lincoln Mercury, Nokia, People en Espanol, Rums of Puerto Rico, and SGAE, the Spain-based association of music publishers and songwriters.
The technical alliance, to be known as "Fast Track," establishes a collaboration among copyright societies BMI (USA), GEMA (Germany), SACEM (France), SGAE (Spain) and SIAE (Italy), which together represent approximately 38% of the global collections for musical works, or more than $1.