SGALSubdirección General de Apoyo y Logistica (Spanish: General Division and Logistics Support; Guatemala)
SGALStephen Goulding Associates Ltd. (UK)
SGALSettlement Guardian ad Litem (legal term)
SGALScene Graph Access Language
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Contact point(s): SGAL Servico de gestEuo aprovisionamento e logE[degrees]stica
Contact point(s): SGAL Servico de gestEuo de aprovisionamento e logE[degrees]stica
The expected 'AAA' rating assigned to the ACE Funding Series 2002-1 HBS MBS notes is based on: the quality and nature of the underlying residential mortgage-backed securities, (HBS Trust 2002-2 Class A notes); the cross-currency swap provided by SG Australia Limited (SGAL, guaranteed by Societe Generale, rated 'AA/F1+/Outlook Negative'); the sound legal structure of the ACE Funding EMTN programme; and the management and administrative capabilities of SGAL as operating agent for ACE Funding.