SGALSettlement Guardian ad Litem (legal term)
SGALScene Graph Access Language
SGALStephen Goulding Associates Ltd. (UK)
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4 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- SAP AG today announced that SAP customers, including Absa Bank, City of Vancouver, Halliburton, Royal Dutch Shell Group, SGAL and Swiss Post, will showcase at the upcoming International SAP Real Estate Management Conferences how they are utilizing the SAP(R) Real Estate Management application to build valuable efficiencies across their real estate portfolios.
Contact point(s): SGAL Servico de gestEuo de aprovisionamento e logE[degrees]stica
The expected 'AAA' rating assigned to the ACE Funding Series 2002-1 HBS MBS notes is based on: the quality and nature of the underlying residential mortgage-backed securities, (HBS Trust 2002-2 Class A notes); the cross-currency swap provided by SG Australia Limited (SGAL, guaranteed by Societe Generale, rated 'AA/F1+/Outlook Negative'); the sound legal structure of the ACE Funding EMTN programme; and the management and administrative capabilities of SGAL as operating agent for ACE Funding.