SGARSecrétariat Général pour les Affaires Régionales (French: General Secretariat for Regional Affairs)
SGARSchweizerische Gesellschaft für Anästhesiologie und Reanimation
SGARSecond-Generation Anticoagulant Rodenticide
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The impact of SGARs on birds of prey was brought to the forefront in April when Ruby, a red-tailed hawk whose adventures with her mate, Buzz, were chronicled on a blog with many followers, was found dead on the ground beneath her perch by Fresh Pond in Cambridge.
Besides eliminating the use of SGARs in consumer products, the EPA rules now require that bait stations securely contain the poison and offer tamper-resistant packaging.
Manufacturers are replacing SGARs with some of the original first-generation anticoagulants and non-anticoagulants such as nerve toxins, massive doses of vitamin D3 (cholicalciferol) and zinc phosphide.
If using a pest control professional, look for integrated pest management and ask about safer alternatives to SGARs.
You don't have to change the tip of the SGAR for the size of the external ear canal.
You don't have to get a seal with the ear canal with SGAR, as you do with a tympanometer.
I asked our office manager to look up our use of the SGAR and tympanometer during our everyday practice.
The billing code is the same for SGAR and tympanometry (92567), so the fee payment is the same for both tests.
The diagnosis of AOM and OME requires a middle ear effusion to be accurate, and only SGAR measures detection of middle ear effusion.