SGBFSpring Grove Bible Fellowship (Spring Grove, IL)
SGBFSovereign Grace Baptist Fellowship
SGBFSagicor Global Balanced Fund
SGBFSunset Gospel Bible Fellowship (Calvary Pandan Bible Presbyterian Church; Singapore)
SGBFStraight Gay Best Friend
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Since the SGBF is an NGO joining major groups and other stakeholders, we advised the global community that there should be major restructuring of how UN agencies do business in the Arab World according to the purpose of advancement and achieving SDGs, if we ought to succeed in the 2030 agenda."
The SGBF was first initiated in 2010 and established in 2014.
The workshop, said Alfadl, will also introduce saaf green city by SGBF a programme that is specifically designed to help all those involved with developing sustainability in the built environment in Saudi Arabia and has been developed to complement actions being taken globally to address the urban challenge with Sustainable Development Goals.
Through seven rounds of the SGBF, the Scottish Government has awarded 16.2 million, resulting in 362 new low carbon emission buses within the Scottish fleet.
"We are discussing these issues at the annual conference and the challenges facing the building materials of the construction industry, an area unsupported for eco-friendly product procurement in Saudi Arabia," said Faisal Alfadl, secretary general of SGBF. "We are delighted about the opportunity to leverage GreenStar Hub's technology in SGBF's mission to provide point-of-access to products, service providers, vendors, and policies by the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO) to local communities that are affected by the green built environment."
The GSH portal for GreenStar Rated products, in collaboration with Saudi Arabia Accredited Fronds (Sa'af), a green labeled system by SGBF, and SASO will include products available locally to the 700 plus registered green-building specialists, contractors, and other stakeholders.
Since it was first introduced, the SGBF has supported the purchase of 269 low carbon emission buses across Scotland.
The SGBF is also helping our public transport partners invest in the latest emission reducing technology and is another clear indication of our support and commitment to the bus industry in Scotland.
First in Scotland were among the operators to apply for SGBF grants and last year received total grant funding of Au920k .
According to SGBF, Saudi Arabia's ecological footprint is significant, with five hectares of the country's energy resources consumed per person - more than double the global average.