SGBLSociété Générale de Banque au Liban (French: Lebanese bank)
SGBLSt. George Bank Limited (Australia)
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"In this sense, Revealing by SGBL bears witness to some of the urgencies and issues governing society, and the interests shaping artistic practice."
A committee of representatives from AUF Middle East, Berytech, l'Orient-Le Jour and le Commerce du Levant, as well as SGBL, will assess the pitches and select 5 finalists on september 17.
IFCs advisory team will also work with the SGBL to help enhance its capacity to finance climate change projects and help mitigate climate change.
SGBL (3): What I really like about this film is the kiss at the end because we don't see this in bank commercials in Lebanon and definitely not in the region.
The implementation of Temenos' solutions will support SGBL's current operations in Lebanon, Jordan and Cyprus.
Following the accusations, the US barred LCB from handling US dollar transactions and the central bank of Lebanon said in March LCB would be merged with SGBL after a check on its accounts to ensure compliance with international laws and conformity rules of the French bank and its Lebanon unit.
The above equation is denoted as SGBL (p, d, q, r, s) and [p.sub.i] is the order of subset autoregressive component, [q.sub.j] is the order of subset moving average component and [r.sub.k] [s.sub.k] is the order of subset nonlinear component.
--Huge demonstration at OTV to protest SGBL lawsuit against TV channel.
A large protest was staged Wednesday in front of OTV station, owned by Christian leader and head of the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) Michel Aoun, in reaction to a lawsuit filed by the chairman of Societe Generale de Banque au Liban (SGBL) against the TV channel, the Beirut daily AN NAHAR reported Thursday.
LEBANESE BANK SociE[umlaut]tE[umlaut] GE[umlaut]nE[umlaut]rale de Banque du Liban (SGBL) is set to complete its buyout of SociE[umlaut]tE[umlaut] GE[umlaut]nE[umlaut]rale (SG) Cyprus, pending formal approval by the Lebanese and Cypriot central banks.
Publications and press statements by banks and IFIs present in Lebanon testify to a growing number of funding partnerships for SMEs with alpha banks, such as Credit Libanais, SGBL, and Fransabank.
The SGBL Award for Best Short Film went to Saudi Ali Kalthami for "Wasati," which relates the story of an attack launched around 10 years ago to protest the staging of the play "Wasati Bila Wasatia." The jury praised "Wasati" "for its use of humor, wittiness and the mastery of storytelling in service of ...