SGBRSouthern Great Barrier Reef
SGBRStatic Granular Bed Reactor
SGBRShort-Grain Brown Rice
SGBRSporthochseeseglerGemeinschaft Bocholt Rhede
SGBRSegler-Gemeinschaft Bocholt-Rhede
SGBRScottish Great Barrier Reef
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The Support ratings of '2' on SGBR reflect Fitch's belief that its parent has both the capacity and willingness to support the bank should it be required.
In 2007, SGBR acquired a participation in Banco Pecunia S.
SGBR provides interbank funding lines to Cacique, maintaining rigorous supervision over the bank, which is reflected in the centralization of treasury and overall management activities.
In the consolidation process SGBR is promoting in its Brazilian retail operations, Cacique's and Banco Pecunia S.
The SGBR consists of the following components: - drive unit with diesel unit as energy generator, - fan for vacuum generation, - water system for dust, fire and explosion prevention, - dirt container for absorbing the sucked material, - 2 manually guided suction nozzles for the receiving end, - Pneumatic system, - Electrical system.