SGBRSouthern Great Barrier Reef
SGBRStatic Granular Bed Reactor
SGBRShort-Grain Brown Rice
SGBRSporthochseeseglerGemeinschaft Bocholt Rhede
SGBRSegler-Gemeinschaft Bocholt-Rhede
SGBRScottish Great Barrier Reef
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The Support ratings of '2' on SGBR reflect Fitch's belief that its parent has both the capacity and willingness to support the bank should it be required.
In 2007, SGBR acquired a participation in Banco Pecunia S.
With an historically good asset quality track record, proper of its previous business focus (corporate lending and project finance), SGBR naturally began to report an increase in the impaired loan categories after the acquisitions of Cacique and Pecunia (banks focused on the more profitable albeit riskier consumer market), but with adequate coverage, a situation common to other participants in that market in Brazil and in part consequence of the economic downturn of late 2008 and 2009.
In the consolidation process SGBR is promoting in its Brazilian retail operations, Cacique's and Banco Pecunia S.