SGBRSouthern Great Barrier Reef
SGBRStatic Granular Bed Reactor
SGBRShort-Grain Brown Rice
SGBRSporthochseeseglerGemeinschaft Bocholt Rhede
SGBRSegler-Gemeinschaft Bocholt-Rhede
SGBRScottish Great Barrier Reef
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By comparing our protocol with SocialCast and SGBR, we show that LCRP achieves the highest packet delivery ratio which outperforms SocialCast and doubles SGBR, and reduces more than 50% of delivery cost.
In Section 4, we compare the performance of LCRP with SocialCast and SGBR. Related work is introduced in Section 5.
In this section, we implement LCRP and compare the performance of LCRP with SocialCast [8] and SGBR [6].
About the parameters of the routing protocols, the number of replicas is set as 1 (in LCRP), 32 (in SGBR) and 5 (in SocialCast), respectively.
As can be seen, LCRP reduces more than 50% cost comparing to SGBR and SocialCast (these two protocols hold similar cost).
We evaluate the performance of LCRP over SocialCast and SGBR in this section.
SGBR [6] is a social-aware unicast routing protocol.
Cacique and Pecunia are fully owned by SGBr. Fitch considers these two banks as subsidiaries of 'limited importance' for SG.