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SGCPSea Grant College Program (US NOAA)
SGCPSoil and Groundwater Closure Projects (Savannah River Site; South Carolina)
SGCPSpecial Group in Coaching Psychology
SGCPSimple Gateway Control Protocol
SGCPSingle Gateway Control Point (Cisco/Bellcore)
SGCPSalafist Group for Preaching and Combat (Algeria)
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The SGCP is proposed to be developed as an open cut and underground mining operation, with an estimated mine life of 33 years.
The SGCP joint venture expects that around 1600 people will be required during the two year construction phase of the SGCP, with an operational workforce of 1290 once the mine is in production.
The SGCP EIS will be available for public comment until 5pm Monday 3 December, 2012.
Dr Shaw added "Bandanna looks forward to continuing the strong relationship with AMCI in the development of the SGCP.
JORC Code compliant coal resource of 1,179 Mt has been established for the SGCP including only coal from the higher quality D seam;
GCP/MEGACO represents the confluence of several competing protocols that were being proposed over the past year including IPDC, SGCP, MGCP and MDCP.
There is a reduced capacity (4 ports instead of 16) version available now on the Internet outside of the NetSpeak firewall for SGCP interoperability testing without charge.
As a leading supplier of audio and video codec technology and systems, we at 8x8 are enthusiastic about the SGCP interoperability program initiated by NetSpeak," said Mike Noonen, 8x8's Vice President of Business Development.
Mediatrix successfully demonstrated the interoperability of its Audiotrix Phone Adapter (APA) systems for IP-based fax and voice applications with the NetSpeak SGCP call agent during the Western Cable Show this past December," said John Moran, President of Mediatrix Telecom.
MGCP represents a combination of the Internet Protocol Devices Control (IPDC) specification and SGCP.
323 or SGCP (Simple Gateway Control Protocol) environments.
323 gatekeeper functionality as well as SGCP call agent capabilities which facilitate the rapid configuration and deployment of residential services on IP networks.