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Thus for these states it may be claimed that as income inequality decreases, the SGDP rises which is definitely a desirable solution.
This means that the SGDP per capita of these states increases with the increase in the level of income inequality/policy uncertainty.
The final report notes that The SGDP Project has been a complete success, having demonstrated that Dynamic Line Ratings are a practical and efficient tool to increase the capacity of a transmission line, which will enable transmission providers and system operators to mitigate congestion, increase system reliability and redeploy capital to its most efficient uses through a least regrets strategy.
APPENDIX II Appendix Table 1 Scenario under Trade Policy * Pakistan India Bangladesh Year DGDP SGDP DGDP SGDP DGDP SGDP 2000-01 58.
17) Where GDP = Gross Domestic Product, DGDP = Debt as a ratio of GDP, SGDP = Debt Servicing as a ratio of GDP.