SGDiSingapore Government Directory Interactive
SGDiStandard Game Device Interface (video game software)
SGDiSoftware for Genomic Data Integration (cancer project)
SGDiSelf-Generation Deferral Incentive (New York State Electric & Gas Corporation)
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The engine utilized was a single cylinder optical research engine with a spray-guided direct-injection (SGDI) system.
In this study the influence of novel ignition systems, increased fuel injection pressure and tumble level on combustion characteristics in an optical SGDI engine operated on isooctane were investigated.
Elis had been democratic at an early stage, as is evident from three of the bronze tablets found at Olympia: (1) part of a law mentioning procedure for its alteration |with the entire Council of Five Hundred and the full damos', (seven unconvertible wo Inschriften von Olympia 7 = SGDI 1156 = GE 412 = Buck, Greek Dialects (revised edition, Chicago, 1955), 64; dated by Miss L.
Spray-guided gasoline direct-injected (SGDI) engines operated in stratified mode have been shown to emit large quantities of particulates [1].