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SGESpecial Government Employee
SGESupervisory General Engineer (US Naval Facilities Engineering Command)
SGESun Grid Engine (cluster computing)
SGESun Grid Engine
SGEService Group Executive
SGESet if Greater or Equal
SGEShallow Geothermal Energy
SGEStarport: Galactic Empires (online game)
SGESiegerland Airport (Airport Code)
SGESigma Gamma Epsilon (honorary geosciences society)
SGESociety of Government Economists
SGESpiral Gradient Endpoint (microbiology)
SGESamsung Gulf Electronics (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
SGESmall Group Evaluation
SGESupport Group Europe
SGEStrain Gage Electronics
SGESmall Group Exercise
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Out-of-phase (opposed-phase) SGE images are useful for revealing diseased tissue in which mixtures of fat and water protons are present within the same voxel.
We are focused on investing in growing companies with solid technology offerings and established traction in emerging market spaces," said Jonathan Klahr, a director at SGE.
SGE, the world's biggest physical gold exchange, where domestic banks, miners and retailers buy and sell gold, could also open up the international platform to foreign brokerages and gold producers, they said.
Director Schanzenbach's SGE brand, the powerful entity operating under the Swiss government, is Switzerland's center of excellence for internationalisation and it is involved in exports, imports and investments (to Switzerland) and works very closely with Swiss SMEs to achieve these objectives.
Led by recognized SGE expert Chris Dagdigian from BioTeam, the hands-on session is intended to provide full coverage of SGE administration in a small, highly interactive setting.
SGE is an affiliate of Susquehanna International Group, LLP (SIG), a privately held financial institution specializing in trading and market making.
For example, world-leading suppliers of chromatography and mass spectroscopy instruments such as Agilent Technologies, PerkinElmer, Varian and Thermo Finnigan all rely on SGE for critical instrument componentry
Equivalent to 5% phenyl, BPX5 columns have been developed to incorporate the new silphenylene polymer technology developed by SGE.