SGEBSalivary Gland Escape Barrier
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Studies with a "Generic" economic base (SGEB) includes studies based on the principles of traditional economic theory, such as macro and micro economic theories, resource dependence theory (Pfeffer, 1982), or transaction costs theory, when not applied to FDI.
In general, neither SGEB nor SGOB are related to a FDI flow explanation.
The evolutionary graph shows three theoretical lines enduring throughout the whole researched period: the two largest categories, generic economic principles (SGEB) and traditional organisational theory (SGOB), and studies focusing on knowledge flow (KNFL).
Table 4 crosses methodologies and theories, and we can see that FS2 is the second most commonly used methodology, mostly applied over traditional theories (SGOB and SGEB).
In the same Table 4 we can observe that the main methodological group, survey, used in 36% of the articles of the sample, is also mainly used to test hypotheses based on traditional theories (SGOB, CULT and SGEB), rather than to test alternatives in the new theories of the field.
Dunning (1980) SGEB Studies with Generic -- Economic Base SIEB Studies with Compares or Integrated or integrates theories comparative Economic above Base Organisational JOVA Uppsala J.