SGEIServices of General Economic Interest (European Commission)
SGEIStorytelling Guild of Eastern Idaho (Iona, ID)
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The SGEI was launched in September 2014 in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, enabling foreign companies to directly invest in China's gold market for the first time using offshore yuan.
It establishes the freedom of public or local authorities on their choice of service provider, the introduction of authorisation regimes, the granting of exclusive and special rights or internal management of SGEIs.
What is more serious, notes the complaint, is that there is no separation of accounts between SGEI activities and the other more commercial activities.
a communication that clarifies concepts of the rules on SGEI compensation
Apart from the specific conditions for in-house on state aid, these semi-public entities are subject to application of the scheme for state aid for SGEI (definition of SGEI missions, entrustment, calculation and award of contracts under a public procurement procedure and financing of SGEI at market cost).
There are articles to bolster the rights of SGEI users and to improve service quality.
The service obligation mandate is governed by the Commission's SGEI Decision (2012/21 / EU, OJ L7 / 2012) .
The initial proposal established that public service compensation does not constitute state aid if the amount of aid granted by a public authority does not exceed 500,000 over three years (200,000 previously), if the company providing the SGEI has turnover of less than 5 million and if the community has fewer than 10,000 inhabitants.
The general communication on SGEIs, a sort of handbook of concepts (distinction between economic and non-economic activities) gives an overview of the concepts specific to state aid for SGEIs and provides explanations on key questions, summing up recent EU case law.
This prevents them not only from making their voices heard in on-going debates, but also from taking advantage of the special conditions available for SGEIs under the EU state-aid rules and thus hampering public investment.
Belgium has cooperated with the Commission to ensure full compliance with our new rules on SGEI," welcomed Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia.
They suggest use of the reference of the amount of compensation and the turnover of the enterprise charged with delivering the SGEI.