SGEIServices of General Economic Interest (European Commission)
SGEIStorytelling Guild of Eastern Idaho (Iona, ID)
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The SGEI was launched in September 2014 in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, enabling foreign companies to directly invest in China's gold market for the first time using offshore yuan.
In October 2009, the Commission found that the disputed deficit financing met the criteria of the relevant EU SGEI rules.
The Commission will now verify whether the specific deficit financing measures, from which the public IRIS hospitals benefit, meet the conditions of the EU SGEI rules.
The guide provides detailed explanations on the scope of Member States to define SGEI, the requirements for the legal act that entrusts the provider with the SGEI and the rules on how the provider can receive compensation for the provision of the SGEI.
The document provides useful guidance for the provision of social services, in addition to other SGEI.
The 2013 Guide, like its predecessor, is a Staff Working Document prepared by the Commission's services to help public authorities to better understand and apply the most relevant EU rules for the provision of SGEI, i.