SGEPSea Grant Extension Program (University of California; Cooperative Extension; Davis, CA)
SGEPSamenwerkende Groene Energie Producenten (Dutch: Cooperating Green Power Producers)
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In order to reduce the costs of articulation and operations of the policy for SGEP to act in the three distinct groups, it was necessary to: i) bring together the managers to obtain an agreement on attributes and to define support strategies with sub-national entities in the implementation of these policies, ii) design with the inter-sectoral bodies and participate in joint actions based on the transversal nature of the policies and iii) give more visibility to the social movements who voice the popular demands.
With the approval of the policies for the Promotion of Equity, the committees created in the federal ambit were restructured and changed to fulfilling the role of assisting the SGEP in the implementation and monitoring of these policies.
It fell to the SGEP to support the states in the federation in the implementation of the State Technical Committees.
According to the SGEP Management Report (2015), the partnership with CONASS and CONASEMS was fundamental so that each state created its committees.
In the policies concerning the Promotion of Equity in Health, the SGEP has partnerships with various bodies from the Ministry of Health to discuss and make feasible the necessary actions for the execution of policies based on the demands of the social movements.
In spite of this task transcending the acts of the Ministry of Health, SGEP works in partnerships, in taking actions aimed at raising awareness and qualifying professionals to act in accordance with the policies of equity.
In order to disseminate the policy, obtain a broader consensus, recognize demands and evaluate actions executed concerning the SGEP policy in conjunction with other bodies from the Ministry and the Special Secretaries, seminaries are carried out with managers, health professionals and social movements (25).
An examination of the SGEP shows that the Secretary established a consistent beacon for the policies which developed upon: electing the management, dealing with the transversal nature of the actions and tackling the awareness and training of the professionals and the social movements as lines of forces for their work.