SGERSmall Grants for Exploratory Research (National Science Foundation)
SGERSmall Grant for Electronic Research (National Science Foundation)
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The geographic context of the Study Area for NSF SGER Grant # 0555136 is provided in Exhibit 3 and the specific blocks are shown in Exhibit 4.
The 2006 counts of housing units and occupied housing units are taken directly from the data collected under the auspices of the NSF SGER study (Short form data) as was the Persons Per Household (Long form data).
There were nine SGER grants that used a social network perspective.
R21, SGER type) grant mechanism, an applicant may request a project period of up to two years and a budget for total costs (direct and indirect) not to exceed $200,000 total for a two-year period.
Vaasjo joined Albertas Environment Minister at her announcement of the SGER program changes in June 2015, saying We are proud to stand in support of this new SGER policy, and in support of additional action to reduce Albertas greenhouse gas emissions.
Address : Onseil departemental des Yvelines: direction des mobilites SGER BPGR