SGESSpecialist Group on Expert Systems (now Specialist Group on Artificial Intelligence; British Computer Society; UK)
SGESSchool of Geography and Environmental Science (University of Auckland; Auckland, New Zealand)
SGESShady Grove Elementary School (Advance, NC)
SGESSea Grant Extension Service (Hawaii)
SGESSchool of Geography and Earth Sciences (McMaster University, Ontario, Canada)
SGESStellate Ganglion Electrical Stimulation (anesthesiology)
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Grafton Suburban Credit Union's CEO and President Edward Lopes said, "We really enjoyed working with the SGES Parent/Teacher Group.
In this age of tightening budgets, the fundraisers performed by the SGES Parent/Teacher Group bring a positive enrichment to every child's learning experience.
Innovative promotion and delivery mechanisms will be used to help make SGES widely acceptable and affordable to low-income households.