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SGFSvenska Golfförbundet (Swedish Golf Federation)
SGFSociété Générale de Financement (Quebec, Canada)
SGFSmart Game Format
SGFSimulated Gastric Fluid (chemical dissolution analysis)
SGFSociété Géologique de France (French: Geological Society of France)
SGFStructured Graph Format
SGFSaved Game File (Dexdrive)
SGFSystème de Gestion de Fichiers (French: System File Management)
SGFSpringfield, MO, USA - Springfield Regional Airport (Airport Code)
SGFSignaling Gateway Function
SGFSlow Graft Function (organ transplantation)
SGFSecond Generation FLIR
SGFSchweizerische Gesellschaft für Finanzmarktforschung (Swiss Society for Financial Market Research)
SGFSortie Generation Flight
SGFSmall Group Fellowship
SGFSecret Girlfriend
SGFStochastic Green Function (algorithm)
SGFSpherical Gaussian Function
SGFSession Gateway Function
SGFSynthetic Ground Facility
SGFSpace Generation Forum (Third UN Conference on the Exploration and Peaceful Use of Outer Space; Vienna, Austria)
SGFSassy Gay Friend
SGFSamuel G. Freedman (journalist)
SGFSvenska Geotekniska Förening (Swedish Geotechnical society)
SGFSingapore Garden Festival (biennial event)
SGFSure Global Fair (fruit juice industry)
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The SGF portal now provides 24/7 updates regarding how many other donor matches are needed for match completion.
For factors such as storage period at 4[degrees]C and time of exposure in SGF, models were based on the significance of regression coefficients, using the t-test, adopting 10% for probability and magnitude of determination coefficient determination (R2).
Next, the accurate angular acceleration is obtained using the SGF for an even number of sampled data.
To know more about the 2014 SGF, download the SGF Mobile App via the iStore for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android; Like facebook.
In addition, SGF holds the only product patent for high purity Reb-A extract globally.
SGF organic product line has the same taste profile as the company's current non-organic Puresse 100, Optesse FiPX and Optesse HPS proprietary products.
Reinforcing agents affected the fracture type in brittle manner for both SGF and [CaCO.
Established in 2011, the SGF helps disadvantaged children young people in need through independently evaluated grants.
In the preliminary sensory evaluation, drink sample SGF from the respective EM and MA samples received significantly (P<0.
SGF Vice Chairman Mike Readling will be on hand at the captains' meeting to explain the AAP to the captains.
SGF understands the need to stop young people smoking.
The insurance affords the exchange security against all financial transactions, which includes a first-of-its-kind coverage of the SGF to the exchange and its members.