SGFRShort Glass Fiber Reinforced
SGFRSeparate Glomerular Filtration Rate (nephrology)
SGFRSingle Glomerulus Filtration Rate
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6 shows the profile of fiber concentration across the plaque width of the SGFR 75/25 PA6,6/PP blends.
Nevertheless, it appears that the difference between the values obtained from the standard procedure and those from a linear extrapolation to zero crack growth is not dramatic for the SGFR blends in this study (Table 1).
Since the skin-core effect is less pronounced in this SGFR blend [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 6b OMITTED], almost all [w.
For SGFR PA6,6/PP blend with SEBS alone, that is, 0% MA, it was impossible to use the multiple specimen J-integral approach to assess its plane strain fracture toughness.