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Commissioned and supported by Dubai Islamic Economy Development Centre in partnership with Thomson Reuters, the seminar will feature key market leaders' outlook on Islamic sectors and the launch of the State of the Global Islamic Economy Report (SGIE 2016).
HE added, "The State of the Global Islamic Economy Report (SGIE) puts matters into perspective, proving, with numbers, the staggering growth and immense potential of the Islamic economy."
The questionnaire package consisted of a demographic information sheet, the Reasons for Consenting to Unwanted Sexual Activity Scale (RCUSS), the Sexual Self-Efficacy Scale (SSE), the Sexual Resourcefulness Scale (SRS), and the Sexual Giving-in Experiences Survey (SGIE), presented in a randomized order, and the Sexual Experience Survey (SES) which was always positioned last.
As was the case with the reasons for consent scale (RCUSS), the SGIE was also correlated with number of casual dating partners r(330) = .29, p < .001 and number of steady partners r(330) = .23, p < .001.
Additionally, the SGIE was positively correlated with all four levels of the sexual experiences survey (SES) including forced sex play, r(330) = .64,p < 001, sexual coercion r(330) = .56, p <.001, attempted r(330) = .33, p < .001 and completed forced intercourse, r(330) = .33,p < .001.
Un SGIE, como afirma Calzado, "no es solamente un sistema de control o seguimiento, sino un sistema que ayuda realmente a una gestion del expediente en todas sus fases, que permite el acceso al expediente electronico y que definitivamente contribuye a mejorar la tramitacion del mismo [15, p.
Para que un SGIE consiga esa gestion optima de los expedientes o documentos que maneja la organizacion, "debe de tener en cuenta el flujo de trabajo y el propio flujo de documentos en todas sus fases [16, p.
Mediante el entorno de gestion documental, el SGIE establece el modelo de datos de los documentos almacenados y permite seguir efectuando todas las funciones tradicionales de importacion y exportacion de documentos, busqueda, impresion, etc.
The SGIE report estimates the potential universe of Islamic finance assets in its core markets to $4.2 trillion in 2014.
"The latest SGIE report we have developed with Thomson Reuters indicates that Muslims spend $142 billion on tourism, with the GIEI ranking the UAE as having the second best positioned Islamic economy (following Malaysia) for serving the family-friendly tourism sector among the 73 countries covered by the indicator," His Excellency Al Gergawi concluded.
DIEDC stated that the third edition of the report on the State of the Global Islamic Economy (SGIE 2015-2016) revealed data that highlight the significant progress achieved by the Islamic economy in its seven sectors, and the promising opportunities offered by Islamic markets worldwide.
The value of assets in the Islamic finance sector is expected to increase by 80 percent over the next five years, reaching $3.24 trillion in value by 2020, according to initial findings garnered from the upcoming State of the Global Islamic Economy (SGIE) report.