SGLASustainable Global Leadership Alliance (San Francisco, CA)
SGLASt. George Lighthouse Association (Cape St. George, FL)
SGLASears Good Life Alliance
SGLAScientific Games Latino America (Chile)
SGLASuicide Girls Los Angeles
SGLAServicemen's Group Life Insurance
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Senna macranthera is a polymoprhic species with five varieties, all of which occur in Brazil (Irwin & Barneby, 1982), and three of which were recorded in SGLA.
In SGLA it occurs in areas of cerrado where it was found flowering in February.
In SGLA it was collected in an anthropized environment on argillaceous and rocky soils and flowers in April.
In SGLA it occurs in riparian forest environments and was collected in flower in April and May and fruiting in June.
Of the species recorded for SGLA, it most resembles S.
The taxon can be recognized in SGLA by the absence of extrafloral nectaries, leaves with 6-7 pairs of leaflets and yellow petals with a yellow-orange base.
As such, SGLA represents our latest technology and most recent and relevant leadership content.