SGLVServicemembers' Group Life Insurance Election and Certificate
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For example, on the SGLV Form 8236, servicemembers can designate their beneficiaries as follows: To "(Name of custodian), as custodian for each of my children, pursuant to the UGMA/UTMA of the state of (name of state), with distribution to each minor when that minor reaches age (desired age)." Id.
Designations by relationship are preferable if they eliminate the need for a continuation sheet to the SGLV Form 8286.
Legal assistance attorneys drafting the servicemember's will should insert language on SGLV Form 8286 directing a trustee to fund a trust established for the benefit of a servicemember's children under the servicemember's will.
(157) While SGLV Form 8286 is commonly used, changes to beneficiary designations on "any other document" have been held valid.
A designated or eligible beneficiary must file a claim of payment on the SGLV Form 8283, Claim of Death Benefits, with the OSGLI office upon a servicemember or former servicemember's death.