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In fact, the C7 SGML Server demonstrates how, and to what lengths, Command has "stayed the course" on committing their resources and personnel towards achieving ever far advances and setting higher technological standards.
SGML is now used for publishing patents, but the agency will switch to XML in January 2002.
The Encoded Archival Description (EAD) conforms to the formal SGML requirements and is a document type definition (DTD) known as EAD.
OCLC's Electronic Journals Online service uses SGML as its primary form of input, but the documents are formatted, using TeX (Knuth, 1984), before being sent to the client (see the Architectures section later).
SGML captured Robin's attention when he envisioned the value of descriptive markup for encoding a machine-independent representation of multilingual text.
POET's XML/SGML framework extends the functionality of the POET Object Server by adding functionality that is specific to XML and SGML requirements.
HTML falls far short of the full power of SGML, and it suffers from the intermixing of structural markup (identifying the elements of a document) and display, or procedural markup (specification of how objects should be displayed on a page or screen).
architecture for faster and easier SGML implementation within any
It consists of four major sections or SGML elements each of which contains further elements or subdivisions.
We're very pleased to add InfoAccess's HTML Transit, a highly user- focused Web publishing tool, to the Mainstream SGML solution environment," said Tom Camps, Microstar's Director of Marketing and Sales.
Adobe promotes the benefits of SGML and they offer a user-centered
Through Vasont's exclusive Tag Neutral Technology(TM), Vasont can store content separately from tags, enabling the data to be created and managed in XML, SGML, HTML, and WML formats and instantly published across all media channels, including print, CD-ROM, Web, and wireless.