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SGNA, PYMS and STRONGkids, PNST screening tools were established according to previously present rules and principles (18) and NRS was established in comparison with the Nutritional Risk Index (NRI) (19) established for adults.
Subjective Global Nutritional Assessment (SGNA) was applied to surgery patients by Secker and Jeejeebhoy (13) and the patients were followed up for 30 days after surgery.
SGNA, STAMP, PYMS additionally give information about nutritional status and PNRS, PYMS, SRONGkids give information about how the clinical course would be when nutritional support is not given.
When the nutritional status at the time of examination, weight loss, reduced intake and the severity of the disease status are evaluated according to ESPEN criteria, NRS, SGNA, PYMS, STRONGkids and PNST are appropriate to evaluate all these criteris (12-14, 16, 20, 21).
The methods of NRS, SGNA, STAMP and PYMS can give reliable results independent of the person applying the method (12-15, 20, 21).
(24) applied the methods of PNRS, SGNA, STAMP and STRONGkids to 46 patients who were being followed up with a diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease and who needed to be hospitalized and compared the results with the antropometric measurements established for malnutrition by the World Health Organization.
When reliability of these screening methods are evaluated, the SGNA and STAMP methods are performed by dieticians and the NRS and PYMS methods are performed by nurses and dieticians.
The SGNA reported using a committee composed of individuals representing different gastroenterology practice settings and the major geographic areas of the United States (Krauss & Rosen, 1991).
Although gastroenterological nurses may not use computers throughout the day, the SGNA board learned how to download and print their own board materials.
SGNA is managed by Smith, Bucklin & Associates (
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[3.] SGNA Standards for Practice for Gastroenterology Nursing.