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The SGNM requires participants to be familiar, comfortable, and friendly with the members of the group (Far & Miller, 2000).
The SGNM intervention consisted of an icebreaker, definitions and discussion of "norms" and the theory of social norms, and a presentation of the results from the GRCS and GRCSP, while encouraging discussion in a comfortable and safe environment.
Additionally, some support was found for applying social norms theory, particularly the SGNM intervention, to the area of men's issues and GRC.
First, previous research utilizing the SGNM intervention has recommended having two posttests over a period of approximately eight weeks to allow the participants in the intervention enough time to assimilate the new information and check it against what they see in the world (Far & Miller, 2000, 2003).
Finally, the SGNM intervention involves presenters telling participants exactly what the "answers" are for the perceived section on the posttest.