SGNPSan Guillermo National Park (Argentina)
SGNPSecure Grid Naming Protocol (software)
SGNPSanjay Gandhi National Park (India)
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AVAKI encourages developers and other interested parties to download a copy of its SGNP draft specification at http://www.
AVAKI also announced its plans to make a reference implementation of SGNP available, based on the current specification, on March 18, 2002.
We look forward to discussing SGNP in conjunction with other standards put forth by members of the Global Grid Forum and are committed to building packaged grid software solutions that will be compliant with the standards that emerge.
Standards like AVAKI's SGNP help to ensure that customers will be able to get products to market faster using grid technology.
With SGNP, AVAKI has created a standard that is very relevant and will become increasingly more so as our customers link together local cluster grids to create globally-distributed campus grids," said Wolfgang Gentzch director of grid computing, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
SGNP is an elegant solution that delivers a scalable, global name space, a built-in method for associating security information with such names, and migration transparency.
Though the SGNP has resettled 13,000 people from within the park, it is waiting to clear another 11,000 and has already removed 5,000 unauthorised structures, the problem of uncleared garbage continues to pose a huge problem.
Speaking at a press interaction on "Leopards in our Backyards," along with her team from Mumbaikars for SGNP, she stressed on the co-existence factor rather than the animal-human conflict.
Reported between 2000-2005 were 42 leopard attacks in Junnar, Pune, and 117 in the Nashik Forest Circle as well as around 28 per year in SGNP but these attacks have considerably come down as trappings have reduced to some extent.
The SGNP is home to around 21 leopards, apart from other wildlife, several species of migratory, land and water birds.
With leopards continuing to stray into human settlements, another ecologist, Dipti Humraskar of the Mumbaikars for SGNP says police cooperation is vital to keep crowds away from a wild cat, for their and the animal's safety.