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"the four Jo sras": 'Khon Jo sras rtse mo, rNgog Jo sras ra mo, Khu Jo sras ne tso and gNyos Jo sras dpal le, "the four wise ones" (shes rab can): 'Gar dBang grub, Kong po 'Jag chung, Lho pa sGog zan and Bar pu pa,
A few plants whose use and/or cultural importance are significant throughout Tibetan regions are designated with the same expressions among different and far-off Tibetan communities, for example the different types of shug pa (basically junipers and cypresses), sgog pa (the different types of wild garlic), and the well-known gro ma (Potentilla anserina; Litang).
Only once I have come across an attribute related to plant use: in Litang region a type of wild garlic (Allium spp.) specially eaten with meat is designated sha sgog "meat garlic" by non-educated informants whilst all the other type names show attributes devised on the basis of other criteria.