SGOMSky Galleons of Mars (game)
SGOMSenior Government Officials' Meeting (various locations)
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The collection of LTWA also includes the Biography of Bstan 'dzin chos rgyal (1700-1767), 10th rje mkhan po of Bhutan (18), biography of first Zhabs drung Rinpoche of Bhutan, Ngag dbang rnam rgyal alias Ngag dbang bdud 'joms rdo rje (1594-1651)20, biography of Zhabs drung written by Gtsang mkhan chen 'jam dbyangs dpal ldan rgya mtsho--c.1800 Punakha blocks preserved in the Beling monastery in Lahual, (20) the gter ma biography of Phajo 'brug sgom zhig po (1162-1251), (21) blockprint, 44 folios, 1580?, and the biography of 18th Rje mkhan po 'Jam dbyangs rgyal mtshan (1743-1802), written by third thugs sprul 'Jigs med grags pa (1791-1830).
Gangs ljongs rgyal bstan yongs rdzogs kyi phyi mo snga 'gyur rnying ma'i lugs kyi lta sgom spyod gsum gyi rnam gzhag mdo tsam brjod pa tshes pa'i zla b zhes bya ba, in Gangs can rig brgya'i sgo 'byed lde mig ces bya ba Series, Vol.12.
[dran pa'i] las rdul tsam yang yod pa'am / dran pa dang bral bar 'gyur ba lta ci zhig smos / rub 'byor ji ltar na byang chub sems dpa' sems dpa' chen po tshul khrims rjes su dran pa sgom pa yin zhe na / rub ['byor] (Tk, 77a3-4)
He and his teacher, 'Or sgom kun 'dul, were the first to write things down from the Nyams rgyud, by way of mnemonic notes; on Yang ston chen po's request.
The presence at rDo rje gdan of Ma yo sgom nag, whose ethnicity is unclear, may be assigned to the period around the last quarter of the 12th century.
'Khon ston pa's other teachers during this somewhat peripatetic period of his life include the great Sgom sde nam mkha' rgyal mtshan (1532-1592), (38) from whom he received the empowerment and instructions on the generation and completion stages of the deity Yamantaka.
Stag lung chos 'byung, in a chapter describing the activities of the eighteen famous disciples of the Stag lung pa tradition, mentions that one of them was Sgom pa Ma ni ba who had seventy disciples at Jalandhara and performed spiritual practices with them.
(6.) The eight euride translators are: Rnga pa lce ring, Dmu tsha gyer med, Za rang me 'bar, Mu spungs gsal tang, Dran pa nam mkha', Rgyung bon mu khod, Rje rgyal lha sgom, and Blon chen mu thur.
nges don phyag rgya chen po'i sgom rim gsal bar byed pa'i legs bshad zla ba 'od zer.
sgom pa--Translation of the Sanskrit bhavana which literally means "to cultivate", "to bring forth".