SGOSSurgical Operations Squadron (US Air Force)
SGOSShuttle Ground Operations Simulator (US NASA)
SGOSShuttle Ground Operations Simulation (software; US NASA)
SGOSSecurity Gateway Operating System (server)
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This school year, roughly $45 million of a total $57 million collected for scholarships was awarded through Empower Illinois -- the largest of five SGOs including Big Shoulders Fund, Illinois Children's Tuition Fund, HighSight and Children at the Crossroads Foundation.
In the 2017-18 school year, the state's three main SGOs awarded more than 2,466 scholarships, with an average award of more than $1,800 per scholarship.
The cap on contributions to SGOs for them is $200,000, generating a nice $100,000 "forgiveness" from the tax commission.
The privatisations of SGOs will be discussed at a meeting of the Troika officials and the Head of Privatisations, Constantinos Herodotou, whose unit will be staffed soon to oversee the procedure and make recommendations.
Bhd and the A3 debt ratings -- with stable outlook -- assigned to Sarawak International Incorporated's bonds (guaranteed by SGOS) and SSG Resources Limited's bonds (guaranteed by SSG Capital Holdings).
SGOs are often used by grandparents caring for their grandchildren.
Blue Coat has also received ICSA Labs certification for its SGOS 5.3 operating system and its ProxySG appliances are the only secure Web gateway appliances that are certified at Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) 2.
AvailabilityThe new threat analysis tools in WebPulse, the ProxySG 9000 appliances and SGOS version 5.5 are available today.
Extended authentication is available in the latest release of operating system software for Blue Coat ProxySG appliances, SGOS 5.2, which is now the standard shipping version of the product.
1) So-called blended threats that combine multiple attack vectors in one payload are often very large files that traverse the network gateway in separate packets; ServGate's security operating system (SGOS) with integrated HDD is able to arrest and isolate blended threat content and files in a gateway quarantine, creating an edge-based bulkhead against further transmission to other HDDs such as mail or web servers, desktop PCs and mobile devices.