SGPGSulfated Glucuronyl Paragloboside (neuroimmunology)
SGPGSticle Golite-n Pahare cu Gheata (band)
SGPGSexy Guinea Pig Club
SGPGAnti-Sulfated Glucuronic Paragloboside (neurology)
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Community relations with the police are very strong here,' said SGPG spokesman Adam Yousef.
The SGPG believes it is in the interest of the Muslim community in these areas that people of all faiths show solidarity and a united front against any backlash that may result upon any individuals or organisations in response.
Adam Yosef, who chairs the SGPG, said: "It brings great distress to residents in Saltley and the wider inner city areas, when communities who have worked so hard over the years to build and regenerate their neighbourhoods, are suddenly faced with the problem of vandalism on such a large scale.