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Unlike the traditional SGPM, for a generator operating in SCEMO there is no requirement for a sinus distribution of magnetic flux density in the air gap along the pole divider.
Generalized geometric parameters that characterize PM in the design of SGPM are:
The variation of the indicated coefficients in optimizing the parameters of a magnet should occur under the condition of constant variation in each variant of the cross section (volume) of the PM [S.sub.p] = [b.sub.p] x [h.sub.p] = const, since an increase in the volume of PM, and hence its magnetic flux, in itself increases the EMF of the stator and therefore does not allow to determine the optimal geometry of SGPM.
The indicated coefficients characterize not only the geometry of the PM itself, but also its relation with the geometry of other elements of the active zone of SGPM. Thus, the optimization problem is reduced to finding the extremum of the objective function--the maximum of the effective value of the EMF of the stator winding when the specified coefficients are varied, taking into account the constraints on their values, which arise from the possibilities of constructive execution of the generator.
The mathematical model of SGPM. We consider a field mathematical model of the SGPM with a moving rotor, which allows to analyze in time electromagnetic processes that arise during rotation of a rotor [4].
Results of simulation and optimization of SGPM. SGPM is considered, which has the following data: number of stator phases m = 3; number of pairs of poles p = 5; active length [l.sub.[delta]] = 0.26 m; outer diameter of the yoke of the stator D = 0.1 m; inner diameter of the yoke of the rotor, [D.sub.0] = 0.022 m; nominal power [P.sub.n] = 400 W; rated (active) phase voltage of the stator winding [U.sub.1] = 16 V; rated rotor rotation speed [n.sub.nom] = 200 rpm The permanent magnet has the following characteristics: [B.sub.r] = 1.18 T, [[mu].sub.r] = 1.065.
Similar numerical studies were carried out for other standard sizes of SGPM, which resulted in the presented in the Table optimal values of generalized geometric coefficients, which should be used in the design of SGPM, which are intended for operation in SCEMO.
The value of the EMF of the SGPM, and hence the efficiency of the SCEMO, largely depends on the rotational speed of the generator rotor, which is determined by the traffic conditions of the vehicle.