SGPPStructural Genomics of Pathogenic Protozoa (biochemistry)
SGPPSchweizerische Gesellschaft für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie (German)
SGPPSleeping Giant Provincial Park (Ontario, Canada)
SGPPSedimentary and Geochemical Processes Panel
SGPPShort-Grass Prairie Population (Canadian geese)
SGPPStrut Grafted with Posterior Plates (biomedical engineering)
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The SGPP is Suprema's annual program for global partners, where the company and partners interact with each other demonstrating innovative solutions and best practice leveraging Suprema technology.
The Suprema Global Partner Program (SGPP) has been deemed a high-level futuristic platform for the business of biometrics and security since it was first hosted in 2010.
“Additionally, their SGPP also houses their own personal CashBack Shopping Mall with over 1,000 of the nation's top stores, all offering CashBack.
“MIST allows VIR to turn a user's SGPP into a combination of sites, all operating under one umbrella,” explains Tallal.
The classification was based on the simple quantitative (leaf, tannin, and FRI) and multistate (SGPP and RAPD) descriptor data common to the core subset and supplementary accessions.
Congruence among the multistate plant descriptors (RAPD, SGPP, and flowering pattern) was determined (Steiner and Garcia de los Santos, 2001) by means of the MXCOMP command in NTSYSpc version 2.2 (Rohlf, 1997) to calculate the product moment correlations ([]) derived from the normalized Mantel Z (Mantel, 1967).
According to SGPP, the new tubing features an "exceptionally smooth" inner surface that inhibits particulate buildup, along with low sorption characteristics that help to maintain fluid integrity.
SGPP notes that the product also possesses hydrophobic qualities that reduce absorption of aqueous fluids and minimize outgassing from the tubing, thus protecting sensitive environments.