SGPRSparse Gaussian Process Regression
SGPRSpecific Gas Production Rate
SGPRSteam Generator Pipe Rupture
SGPRSententia Group Public Relations (Australia)
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The HPR of PO was 10%, SGPR was 53%, and GPR was 47% (Fig.
The HPR of ALP was 25%, SGPR was 42%, and GPR was 56% (Fig.
Furthermore, higher SGPR and GPR of the three enzymes than HPR suggested that these enzymes were more commonly associated with semigranulocytes and granulocytes than hyalinocytes.
However, Rajaramam went on to debunk liberation theology as heretical nihilist beliefs of twenty-first century "Genghis Khans" seeking "to destroy capitalism knowing full well that they cannot erect in its place a Heaven on Earth", sparking a heated exchange with Jesuit theologian Paul Tan in the Malaysian press (SGPR no.
Months later, Deputy Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong suggested the formalization of a national ethic to be taught "in schools, work-places, homes as our way of life" (SGPR no.