SGRASmoking Gun Research Agency (United States)
SGRASame Gender Romance Arc (Star Wars)
SGRASchool of Galactic Radio Astronomy (Internet project; Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute; North Carolina)
SGRASekiguchi Global Research Association (Japan)
SGRAState Grain Reserve Administration (China)
SGRASummer Graduate Research Assistantship (various universities)
SGRASwanscombe and Greenhithe Residents' Association (UK)
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Prior to the announcement there had been speculation that images of SgrA would provide the most spectacular results.
All isolates were subjected to the amplified pilA, pilB, hyl, ecbA, scm, fms8, efaAfm, and sgrA genes, using specific primers as listed in Table 1.
[phrase omitted] a mye da phur kyi yon tan bcu la [phrase omitted] dmyig gnyi'd chung [phyung] ba [phrase omitted] bsdud [bdud] bsngangs ba [phrase omitted] sgra snyan pa grags pa [phrase omitted] ngan tsong [song] gi sdugs sngal zhi ba [phrase omitted] phyi +i sgra skad +gags pa [phrase omitted] sems myi g.yeng ba [phrase omitted] brtson +grus kyi go ca dang ldan ba [phrase omitted] sangs rgyas dang byang cub sems dpa+ thams cad dgyes pa [phrase omitted] ting nge +dzin thams cad mngon du gyur pa [phrase omitted] sangs rgyas kyi zhing khams yongs su dag par skye ba Several observations are necessary to clarify what is generally a very closely corresponding pair of lists.
bCom ldan Rig pa'i ral gri, rDo je gdan rnam bshad rgyan gyi me tog, in Ri dkar po'i brjid sgra, Students' Education Committee, Sakya College, Rajpur 2006 n.1.
(38.) Matsuda 2000:72: H r2 [i]mam khu kaufika .srimallidevisirphanadanirdaarp dharmaparyiyam lava haste parindtami y[a]vat saddharma tighati lake tav'emant siitrarp das'adifi lake dedeyahl samprak&fayahriti II Tibetan given as: I kau shi kh lha ma dpal phreng gi seng ge'i sgra bstan pa'i chos kyi mum grangs 'di ni nges khvad kvi lag tu gtang kyis 'jig nen na dam pa 'i chos ji srid gnus pa de srid gnas pa de srid du phyags bcu'i 'jig rten therms cad du yang dug par sgrogs slug ston cig I.
Guru bkrashis's text appears to be the chief source for Dudjom Rinpoche's biography, found in Bdud'joms'jigs bral ye shes rdo rje, Gangs jongs rgyal bstan yongs rdzogs kyi phyi mo snga'gyur rdo rje theg pa'i bstan pa rin po che ji ltar byung ba'i tshul dag cing gsal bar brjod pa lha dbang g.yul las rgyal ba'i rnga bo che'i sgra dbyangs (Bound book; no bibliographical information other than the date, 1990), pp.
(1575-1634) Slob dpon chen po spyod 'chang dbang po'i rnam thar ngo mtshar snyan pa'i sgra dbyangs and the Supplement to the text.
This is particularly the case with the signifier (rjod byed), i.e., the sound (sgra) or conceived signifier (zhen pa'i rjod byed) and term generality (sgra spyi) on the one hand, and the signified (brjod bya), i.e., the object (don) or conceived signified (zhen pa'i brjod bya) and object generality (don spyi) on the other, which Sapan, according to Gold, takes to be identical (pp.
7a4-6: dus kyi 'khor lo'i rgyud las | lhan gcig skyes pa'i dga' ba las ni ye shes rdo rje la sogs 'byung bar byed | ces grub chen nag po spyod pa'i lung bstan gyi rjes su byung ba dang | rje nyid gyi mtshan sgra gsol bar thon pas rje de'i lung bstan yin par mkhan chen paatu siddhi sogs kyi gsung las byung ba ltar | rgyal bas lung bstan pa'i skyabs mgon rdo rje 'char rang byung ye shes rdo rje zhes ...
'1] lags gtol ma mchIs/ra sa'I beng gang du bzhag//zhang lon chen po rgyal sgra legs [...] (1.