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SGRAMSynchronous Graphics Ram
SGRAMSynchronous Graphics Random Access Memory
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Cefais groeso, ynGymraeg, ac er ei bod yn hwyr y pnawn roedd modd cael sgram bach.
It offers OpenGL-capable 3D graphics, with 8 Megabytes of SGRAM graphic memory to this end.
Based on the Matrox G400 chip, the Matrox Millennium G400 is fitted with a fixed 16 or 32MB of high-bandwidth SGRAM, as well as a 300MHz UltraSharp DAC for crisp, photorealistic displays.
The base model across the entire line features an Intel Pentium processor with MMX, an ATI Rage 3D graphic chip, a 16X-speed CD-ROM drive, 33.6Kbps modem, and SDRAM and SGRAM memory.
Roedd hi''n ddigon braf i ymlacio yn yr ardd, ni''r oedolion yn ymlacio ar y glaswellt a''r plant yn mwynhau sgram go iawn.
Each of the processors is supported with 16 Mbytes of high speed SGRAM display memory to provide ample local storage for image and off-screen data such as texture maps, Z-buffer and backing store.
To complement its feature-rich capabilities, the Satellite 2805 Series provides up to 15 -inch TFT displays and the S3 Savage/IX graphics controller packed with 8MB of internal SGRAM video memory.
In addition to a hefty 30 GB hard drive(3), Intel 850 MHz Pentium III processor with SpeedStep technology and 128 MB of SDRAM, the PCG-XG39 features a 14.1" XGA (1024 x 768) TFT screen, an S3 Savage/MX graphics chip with 8 MB of video SGRAM, Sony's original programmable Jog Dial control and an integrated V.90 56K(5) modem.