SGRSStirling Graduate Research School (University of Stirling; Scotland, UK)
SGRSSuper Golden Radio Shows
SGRSStrategija Gospodarskega Razvoja Slovenije (Slovenian: Economic Development Strategy Slovenia)
SGRSStockton Geriatric Rating Scale (gerontology)
SGRSSun Grid Rack System
SGRSSoluble Glutinous Rice Starch
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The reign of expensive turnkeys continues; remember the skyrocketing cost of the SGR? Still wondering why we each owe Sh100,000?
This recognition engine accepts grammars programmed in the standard .grxml (SGRS Speech Grammar Recognition Specification) so it is a good match for our SLM.
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of plant population density on changes of rate and duration of seed growth at specific reproductive growth stages and to examine relationships between seed growth rate (SGR) seed filling period (SFP) and yield components in soybean.
Due to the efforts of SGRS a number of archaeological sites especially of Buddhists remains were saved and were checked by the law enforcement agencies and other relevant authorities.
The first of a planned series of Strategic Grain Reserves (SGR), a warehouse with a 22,000 metric ton capacity, opened in late 2013 in the capital, Kabul, at a cost of US$7.7 million.
The larval specific growth rate (SGR) was determined using the following relationship: SGR = 100 x (Ln Wtf - Ln Wti) [DELTA][t.sup.-1], where [DELTA]t is the time interval (in days) between Wti (initial weight) and Wtf (final weight) measurements.
SGR 1627-41 was discovered in 1998 by NASA's Compton Gamma Ray Observatory when it burst into life emitting around a hundred short flares during a six-week period.
The standard growth rate (SGR) and the mortality in each experimental group were determined as follows.
Because SGRs are offered in standard sizes to fit virtually any NEMA motor from 1 to 1500 HP, Electro Static Technology was able to supply units for the two motor types that power the Birck Center fans.
From this perspective, I argue that the Monterrey consensus serves to further legitimate an emerging official development discourse, most notably the Second Generation Reforms (SGRs) of the IFIs, which, in similar vein to global governance, attempt to recast neoliberalism in terms of common values and goals through emphasis on inclusion, partnership, and poverty reduction.
SGR 1806-20 is one of four magnetars known as soft gamma repeaters (SGRs) because they repeatedly give off flares of X-rays and low-energy (soft) gamma-rays.
By providing easy to use, high-level development tools, along with support of standards such as SGRS, VoiceXML, and SALT Interactive Intelligence's 2.3 software will help reduce development costs and allow flexibility of choice among speech technologies."