SGSLSouthern Gulf of St. Lawrence (Canada)
SGSLSustainable Grazing on Saline Land (Australia)
SGSLSoil Gas Screening Level
SGSLSistema Gestione Sicurezza Lavoro (Italian: Occupational Saftey Management System; Italy)
SGSLSacramento Girls Softball League (Sacramento, CA)
SGSLSnake Gourd Seed Lectin
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The CZRI used berried females captured from various locations in the sGSL. Once released, larvae were collected from holding tanks at the water surface using a small mesh net and placed in 1,200 1 tanks at 20-22[degrees]C at an initial density of 10 larvae/1.
These temperatures may be observed in bottom waters during the summer in the sGSL (Chasse et al.
Experimentalmente se visualizo con RWT, flujo advectivo (zona lateral) y zonas de turbulencia (adyacente al SGSL) tal como se muestra en la Figura 1.
En las crestas de las curvas se observan fluctuaciones debido probablemente al efecto de pantalla que tiene el sedimentador en el flujo ascendente SGSL, efecto que tambien fue observado en pantallas ubicadas cerca del efluente en un modelo fisico de una laguna de maduracion [11].
The areas of the sGSL with well-established populations of green crab are also the locations of many harbors, marinas, and bivalve aquaculture operations; therefore, it is likely that these invaders are being transported by vessels.
Even though green crabs likely will spread to most parts of the sGSL during the next couple of decades by natural means, human activities will most likely increase the rate of spread of these organisms by moving the adults to uninfested areas on boats or in gear associated with boating, fishing, or bivalve aquaculture.
The optimal temperature window for successful reproductive activities for crustaceans in the SGSL is, however, limited.
This suggests that SGSL temperatures in spring and early summer delays the reproductive activities of green crabs until sufficient food supply can support growth in males and ovary development in females.