SGSPSchweizerische Gesellschaft für Sozialpsychiatrie (German: Swiss Association for Social Psychiatry; Switzerland)
SGSPScoring Guide for Student Products (computer knowledge)
SGSPState Government Subsidised Place (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology; Melbourne, Australia)
SGSPSalivary Gland Soluble Protein
SGSPSingle Groove, Single Petticoat (insulator)
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For WP outcomes, the pretest factor score was computed from SGSP and KM Problem Solving.
The excavated salt and brine could be utilized as intermediary substance for SGSP in a nearby playa lake basin.
It is an irony that there are none on the High Plains region of Texas and New Mexico where parameters for the construction and operation of SGSP are most favorable.
In the High Plains region, even this may not be true for parameters fortuitously in favor of SGSP. The cheap, flat land at an elevation of more than one kilometer, receiving clear solar energy for 275 to 305 cloud-free days, alkaline lake basins and oil field brine, providing a negative cost for salt, less excavation costs, and soil characteristics that cut the cost of the liner, are some of the features making the SGSP competitive with conventional electricity production.
Lecturer in mechanics and strength of materials at the Applied Mechanics Institute of the Main School of Fire Service in Warsaw (SGSP, Poland).