SGSRSchool of Graduate Studies and Research (various locations)
SGSRSociety for General Systems Research
SGSRStarvation-Induced General Stress Resistance (microbiology)
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Annual meetings of the SGSR have been radically altered to incorporate the traditional, unifying President's Theme (which changes each year) as a sub-conference of the main conference.
The SGSR is presently carrying on an experiment to accomplish this synthesis across literature by organizing a three-year conference on Hierarchy Theory characterized by face-to-face meetings at each annual meeting (the conventional aspect) joined to the unconventional aspect of continuing to work vigorously on actual integration of the disciplinary findings via an Integration-Directed, Iterative Dialogue (IDID) throughout the year.
For example, is the SGSR demonstrably aiding the conduct of research on a general theory of systems?
The SGSR has about 1000 members from 40 different countries.
The whole purpose of the SGSR and like organizations is helping this needed integration movement, yet even it exhibits the universal trend for fragmentation.
SGSR, WOGSC) which has the advantage of currency compared to many disciplinary proceedings, but suffers the tradeoff of poor editorial control and weak peer review due to rushed deadlines.
10 include: (i) the planned annual state-of-the-art report by the SGSR Council, (ii) recent and dramatic alterations of standard meeting formats in the American Society for Cybernetics and the SGSR which set aside significant portions of meeting time for comparing, arguing about, and synthesizing papers rather than just delivering them, (iii) the IDID technique described above to carry on synthesis-directed interchange among meeting participants between annual meetings, and (iv) current debate over which terms and definitions should be included in a systems glossary (see Section 3.
The SGSR is also constructing computerized, relational data bases designed for remote, real-time inquiry by its members of the following subjects: (i) membership interests in GST by keyword, (ii) general-systems-based organizations, institutes, and research programs, (iii) systems models and putative systems theories and (iv) systems education programs.
Each year the SGSR presents the von Bertalanffy Award for 'outstanding leadership in the field of general systems theory', as well as an award for the best student paper submitted to the annual competition.
Building on this work, the SGSR is sponsoring a study by the International Systems Institute and the Institute for Advanced Systems Studies aimed at assembling a comprehensive, interactive data base survey (and report) on worldwide offerings in systems science, especially general systems theory [121].
In reflecting on the context of the founding of the SGSR, as well as the motivations of the original founders, it is useful to consider the goals for the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (CASBS), where the idea for the society was first proposed in the fall of 1954.
The founders of the SGSR had all been previously involved in similar interdisciplinary initiatives and hoped to foster greater collaboration between disciplines by helping to create a theoretical framework for integrating these various perspectives.