SGTRSteam Generator Tube Rupture (nuclear)
SGTRSchweizer Gruppe Therapeutisches Reiten (German: Swiss Group Therapeutic Riding)
SGTRStandardized Government Travel Regulations
SGTRSingle Girder, Top Running (crane)
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The index of the SGTR is divided by the weighted average SGTR in the metropolitan area as follows:
Measures of [sigma]-convergence for the SGTR index appear in figure 5.
Table 3, which details the SGTR index for merged and demerged municipalities on the Island of Montreal and around Longueuil, gives insight into this divergence.
The presence of high-pressure water in steam generator tubes raises concerns of possible consequences of tube rupture; therefore, extensive research has been focused on possible consequences of an SGTR accident.
The purpose of the current work is to consider an elementary process of SGTR accident, namely, rapid boil-up of a high-pressure water droplet immersed in low-pressure liquid lead.
The difference, though, is that in the SGTR accident the ambient space is filled with a heavy liquid possessing much higher inertia and much lower compressibility than air.
The SGTR accident, especially, can be induced by the other SAs.
In this study, a conceptual approach was taken to mitigate the consequence of SGTR accident by generating incontainment relief valve (ICRV).
The base case of SGTR scenario was simulated using MELCOR 2.1.
SGTR. Steam generator of HTR-PM has 19 heat exchange pipes (Figure 7).
Radioactivity instant release in SGTR consists of three parts:
The company also introduced the Vectra SGTR Glueless turret rewinder for applications that will not tolerate any traces of glue on the web.