SGUSSequential Graduate/Undergraduate Study (University of Michigan)
SGUSSimultaneous Graduate/Undergraduate Study
SGUSSynth Guitar Unit Selector
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A classification and regression tree (CART) was used to determine whether separation between controls and SS patients could be improved by combining SGUS score and SWV value.
Difference of SGUS Score between SS Patients and Healthy Controls.
Diagnostic Performance of Combining SGUS Score and SWV Value for Separating SS Patients and Healthy Controls.
Combining the SGUS scores and SWV values, the ROC curve yielded an AUROC of 0.954 (95% CI: 0.885-0.987), sensitivity of 97.1% (95% CI: 85.1-99.9%), and specificity of 92.2% (95% CI: 81.1-97.8%).
However, there are no prior reports on combination of SGUS score and SWV value in SS diagnosis.
In conclusion, the combination of SGUS and SWV value provides a promising tool in diagnosis of SS.
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