SGWSSouthern Glazer's Wine and Spirits
SGWSSpring Garden Waldorf School (Copley, OH)
SGWSSubordinate Groupware Server
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Instead of relying on standard DNS techniques to make SGW and/or PGW selection for every user session, the F5 GTP Session Director can make much more granular decisions.
The GTP session is then directed to an SGW and/or PGW as determined by the local policy.
F5's Session Director stands out for not relying on new attributes or requiring any network element upgrades to provide network slicing at the SGW and PGW level.
"With tequila, many people have gotten over just drinking the white tequilas," observes Moore of SGWS. "They're increasingly drinking reposados and anejos, and now mezcal as well."
"It's a way to have something that only you can carry," says Moore of SGWS. "Also, it enforces loyalty while being a margins enhancement."
According to the company, SGWS employs more than 20,000 people and distributes more than 150 million cases of wine and spirits annually across 45 U.S.
SGWS also had to recently contend with lawsuits filed by New York authorities.
With one regional customer representing the Bacardi brands across the vast majority of North America, Bacardi has focused on marketing and building its brands, while SGWS has concentrated on the selling and merchandizing side of the business.
* Was the first to pull off a North American footprint with SGWS.
In the first scenario, for the centralized architecture, the PGW is placed in the top of the topology (R1 in Figure 6), and the SGWs are placed at the edge routers (R6 to R11).
We assume that a mobile node randomly attaches to one of the SGWs and after passing the dwell time it starts to move towards the neighbor SGW.
We assume that each mobile node randomly attaches to one of the SGWs (or S/PGWs) and starts to download data from one of the CNs, also randomly chosen.