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Values of [delta]D ranging from -75 [per thousand] to -132 [per thousand] [33] are intermediate between the [delta]D of magmatic water (-50 [per thousand] to -80 [per thousand]) [64] and local Mesozoic meteoric water in the SGXR (-149%) [25].
The identification of metamorphic core complexes [94], bimodal volcanic rocks [94-97], and widespread anorogenic A-type granites [93] suggest Early Cretaceous magmatism and related mineralization occurred while the SGXR was undergoing extension [98-102].
The timing of mineralization at different ore deposits in the SGXR is documented by Ar-Ar dating of sericite and muscovite, K-Ar dating of sericite, Re-Os dating of molybdenite, and U-Pb dating of hydrothermal zircon [14, 103-105].