SGYSkagway, AK, USA (Airport Code)
SGYSuomen Gynekologiyhdistys (Finnish: Finnish Gynecological Association)
SGYSuomen Geoteknillinen Yhdistys (Finnish Geotechnical Society)
SGYSociété Généalogique de l'Yonne (French: Genealogical Society of Yonne)
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In this section, I present some findings from the SGY survey, in order to generate a "snapshot" of the lives of ordinary adolescent males.
the SGY data suggest that adolescent males and females are somewhat different with respect to what they value and the ways in which they achieve a sense of peace and happiness.
But, SGY said that the deal with Williams is a win-win for both the companies.
Keywords: Chemical dosimeters, SR C4BLN, SGY CRL, dosimetry, Absorbance%, %age discoloration.
The dyes used in this study are commercial and cheap dyes, namely, SR C4BLN and SGY CRL, available with the Sandal Dyestuff Industries Pvt.
5amu) and SGY CRL dye (MW: 1070amu), were used without further purification.
For Ruukki, this is the third time to receive a geotechnical recognition from SGY.