SH1Ship's Serviceman First Class (Naval Rating)
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The time to travel SH1 through Kaikoura, Christchurch to Picton, could exceed five-and-a-half hours, compared to under five hours before Gita.
Built on bedrock, SH1, exceeds current seismic standards and is above the 500-year floodplain, making it one of the safest as well as one of the most secure and robust facilities in the region.
Now she is in charge of Sailors who are in the same position she was no more than a year ago," SH1 Petty said.
Northbound traffic will be directed past the worksite on SH1, and southbound state highway traffic will be detoured down Walnut Ave, Chalmers Ave and South St, to re-join SH1 at Hinds Highway.
At this stage we expect Harewood Road (east) to be closed between the roundabout on SH1 and Waimakariri Rd on Sunday night (January 21) and Monday night (January 22).
Parts of SH1 are still a construction site with unsealed sections, one lane, and stop/go traffic controls in some areas.
The existing traffic island on Saleyards Road will be reshaped to modify the exit lane for vehicles turning left on to SH1 southbound.
Mr Crow says that the number of worksites on SH1 will be reduced between 15 December and 7 January to help with traffic flow but will ramp up again after the holidays.
While were re-opening SH1 as early as we safely can to provide better access to Kaikoura and for those communities along the coastal route, the full rebuild of the highway will continue in 2018.
She says, where possible work sites along SH1 south have been minimised with sites along the Hundalee to be controlled by manual stop/go over the busier times to help traffic to travel as efficiently as possible.
Members of the department include, from the back, left to right, SK2(SW) Leslie, SN Lott, CS1(SW) Vest, CS1(SW) Black, SK1(SW) Hinds, MS3 Wells, CS1(SW) Jackson, SKI(SW) Markum, SH1 Idlebird, FC3 Vanavery, CSSN Amaro, SN Davis, CS3 Delacruz, CS2 Green, BM3 Yuan, IC3 Rendon, SH2(SW) Nirdlinger, GSM1(SW)Vickers, SN Roberts, CSSN Black SN Carpenter, SKSN Gray, GSM3 Perez, SK3(SW) Cadet, DK2(SW) Hilton, SHSN(SW) Freeman, SK3 Ortiz, SHSN Campbell, SKC(SW) Huffman, ENS Rollins, Disbursing Officer, Food Service Officer ENS Spencer, and Supply Officer LCDR (Sel) Jose Feliz.
But a major new slip on the south side of SH1 in the wake of Cyclone Cook covered the highway at Easter, requiring more emergency work and more limited hours open to the south since.