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SH2Silent Hill 2 (video game)
SH2Shadow Hearts 2 (video game)
SH2Spyhunter 2 (video game)
SH2Ship's Serviceman Second Class (Naval Rating)
SH2Src (Sarcoma) Homology 2 (protein domain)
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Both games play as before but now look great, with fog and lighting improved, and you can choose new or original voices in SH2, but the frame rate suffers in enemy-crowded environments in SH3.
Currently, the ProChart database contains a complete map of the known WW protein domains and information from several other domain families, such as PDZ, SH2 and SH3 domains.
SH2 Francis Manigbas, Assistant Leading Petty Officer and Laundry Supervisor, USS George Washington (CVN 73), October 2007 to August 2010.
Harrison has made important contributions to the field of structural biology most notably in the high resolution structures of several pathogenic viruses, including the high resolution structures of HIV reverse transcriptase; CD4, the cellular receptor for HIV; and the SH2 domain, a key component of intracellular signaling pathways.
Third row from left to right, CS2 Feaster, SH2 (SW) Gorrell, CS2 (SW) Lawrence, LS2 (SW) Burns, SHSN Fields, STG3 Maher, OSSN Headen, LS2 (SW) Wolfe, and CS2 (SW) Lyons.
Second row, SK1 (SW/ AW) Payan-Perez, SK2 (SW) Jiles, SK2 (SW/AW) Gravely, CS2 (SW) Arrington, SH2 (SW) Byles.
NZ Transport Agency Wellington highways manager Neil Walker says the contract has been let and the designs finalised on a $43million grade-separated interchange at the intersection of SH2 and SH58 (the Haywards intersection).
Top to bottom, left side, SHSN Devaughn Lowe, GSMSN Gilles Kone, SK2 Eike-Janina Cody, CSSN Jarred Martin, FC2 Devin Gibbs, FC3 Matthew Boultinghouse, SH3 Ezra Meza, CS1 Richard Barretto, STG3 Kai-wing Le, CSSN Katrina Crowder, CS2 Andrew Myers, STG3 Omar Lopez, EM2 Marcelino Salazar, SH2 Thandiwe Hudson, ITSN Carrie Nellans, DCFN Braxton Campbell, ET3 Heather Gay, CS2 Vibol Som.
SH2 (SW/AW) Joyce Harris, USN, (Gold Star in Lieu of Third Award), Vending and Laundry Supervisor, Sales and Services Division, USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63), August 2005 to August 2007.
In the second row are: CS2 Nash, CS1 Eldridge, SH3 McElroy, DC2 Linman, SH2 Allison, SK2 Banks, EMFN Blackmon, IT3 Glover.
The paper by Violette et al is entitled "A Src SH2 selective binding compound inhibits osteoclast-mediated resorption.
The three processors using the Green Hills C compiler are NEC's V800, Hitachi's SH2, and Toshiba's 3904.