SHA-512Secure Hashing Algorithm, 512-Bits
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Compared with the NDP packet, Hash-TargetAdd-DAD adds a new field "Hash_target_64", which stores the last 64 bits of the SHA-512 result.
(ii) First, it generates the target address fingerprint using an SHA-512 hash function and it extracts the 64 bits from the result of Es:
[E.sub.s] = SHA-512 (target address), where [E.sub.s] is target address fingerprint
Then, it generates the fingerprint of its IPv6 address, using the same hash function as the new node (SHA-512).
To the best of our knowledge, no MicroBlaze implementation report has been found in literature for AES-256 and SHA-512, the most secure algorithms to date.
The SHA-512 algorithm consists of the SHA controller and the SHA-512 authenticator.
For hardware implementation, we use AES-256 IP coresprovided by Xilinx and VHDL code for SHA-512 from [21].
As mentioned in the previous section, the structure of SHA-512 is similar to that of SHA-256 excluding parameters such as the word size.
Since the structure of SHA-512 is similar to that of SHA-256, we only introduce a key recovery attack on NMAC-SHA-256 in this subsection.
Hash Message Chaining Hash Step Word function block value value function size MD4 512 bits 128 bits 128 bits 48 steps 32 bits MD5 512 bits 128 bits 128 bits 64 steps 32 bits SHA-224 512 bits 256 bits 224 bits 64 steps 32 bits SHA-256 512 bits 256 bits 256 bits 64 steps 32 bits SHA-384 1024 bits 512 bits 384 bits 80 steps 64 bits SHA-512 1024 bits 512 bits 512 bits 80 steps 64 bits TABLE 3: Recovery of ([K.sub.1,0], [K.sub.1,1], [K.sub.1,2]).
For example, it is clear that SHA-512 is stronger than SHA-256 for the trust factor of the hash algorithm.
For example, for the trust factor "Key Sizes," a CA may use the value "SHA-512." This value is not included in Listing 1 for this particular TB service, so the QoCPS cannot be analysed automatically.